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Union construction work sites are 17% more productive than non-union sites.

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WHY are Union Linemen better?

Training Education
IBEW Local 104 members are thoroughly trained through the state-of-the-art Northeastern Apprenticeship and Training Program (NEAT). This 7,000-hour, earn-while-you-learn educational program is administered by the Northeastern Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Outside Electrical Industry, which is composed of representatives of the union and outside electrical contractors.

NEAT services the entire northeast corridor of the United States, including New England, with nine cutting-edge training centers where apprentices and linemen learn the most advanced lineman skills and techniques from the best instructors in the industry.

As a union-signatory contractor, you will be able to provide the best workforce because of your investment in union training and apprenticeship programs – the backbone of the unionized construction industry and the traditional method of training union construction workers.
Please visit our Barrington, NH training yard.

Talent Recruitment
IBEW Local 104 continuously recruits the best and brightest members available so we can provide our signatory contractors with a workforce that is second to none at a cost of only pennies an hour to them. Local 104 is further able to provide our contractors with quality linemen who are drug-tested and safety-trained by OSHA standards.

Benefits Compensation.
The quality wages, healthcare and retirement plans offered to IBEW Local 104 members are unmatched in the industry and, therefore, are further assurance that we are drawing the top talent for our contractors on every job.

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