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New Hampshire Right To Work

New Hampshire House Votes No for Right to Work Bill

State House Representatives voted down efforts to make New Hampshire a So-Called “Right to Work” state.

In January, the Senate passed its version of a So-Called “Right to Work” bill, SB-11, leaving the fate of this anti-worker legislation in the hands of House members.
Several weeks after the Senate vote, the House of Representatives Labor, Industrial Rehabilitative Services Committee voted against recommending passage of their version of the bill, HB-520, on Feb. 8 with a 14-7 vote.

On Feb. 16, HB-520 was brought to a vote before the full New Hampshire House of Representatives and legislators soundly defeated the bill 200-177, as 32 Republicans sided with the Democratic caucus in this voting.

House members also voted 193-184 to indefinitely postpone further action on this issue during this legislative session, except for a House sponsored Right to Work bill.
“Republicans and Democrats in the State House stood together and made clear that this issue is above partisan politics,” said Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley to

“Thousands of working families made their voices known throughout this process and our politicians heard them loud and clear,” Buckley said.

Thank you to our Brothers and Sisters, friends, family and supporters who reached out to their Representatives to make their voices heard.

We consider this a victory, but only for now.

We do anticipate that a So-Called “Right-to-Work” bill will reappear in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives and in the New Hampshire Senate in the next legislative session.

As voting American union members, it is our duty to vote for politicians who represent our values and beliefs.

IBEW 2017 Founders’ Scholarship

To honor the first President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Henry Miller, and nine other individuals who helped found the IBEW on November 28, 1891 in St. Louis, the current Executive Officers are proud to offer the annual 2017 IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Award.

This scholarship is available to dedicated wiremen and linemen of the IBEW who have been in continuous good standing since May 2013, who are looking to further their education to benefit the electrical industry.

Along with the application form, all candidates must submit:

- A recommendation, in writing, by his/her Local Union Business Manager.
- At least two letters of recommendations.
- Copies of all academic transcripts, including high school, college, apprenticeship or other educational development programs.
- A completed resume outlining academic and work history.
o Additional information about what to include in the resume can be found in the application’s Rules for Entry section.
- Submit a 250-500 word essay discussing the topic of “How I will Use My Founders’ Scholarship to Benefit the IBEW and the Electrical Industry.”

The award is for up to $200 per semester credit hour or $134 per trimester credit hour at any accredited college or university for use toward an associate’s, bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. The maximum distribution is $24,000 per person over a period not to exceed eight years.

The official IBEW announcement and letter from International President Lonnie Stephenson can be viewed here. The application form with all rules and responsibilities is available for download and is due by May 1, 2017.

The independent IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Committee will select the winners based on the following criteria: academic achievement and potential, character, leadership, social awareness and career goals.

New Hampshire Right To Work

New Hampshire House Committee reviews So-Called “Right to Work” bill

A vote could come as early as Feb. 16 to make New Hampshire the nation’s 29th Right to Work state.

The Granite state is poised to become the first state in the northeast to pass So-Called “Right to Work” legislation this week when the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill.

In January, the Senate passed its version of a So-Called “Right to Work” bill, SB-11.

The House of Representatives Labor, Industrial Rehabilitative Services Committee voted against recommending passage of their version of the bill, HB-520, on Feb. 8.

Despite voting to not recommend the passage of HB-520, the legislation will go before the full House of Representatives for a vote as early as Feb. 16.

“New Hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and this bill will do nothing to address our state’s biggest economic challenge: helping companies attract enough workers to fill thousands of current job openings,” Jeffrey Padellaro, Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of Teamsters Union Local 633 told

Each of the 400 members who represent the state’s 204 districts was up for election in 2016, representing 204 districts. The Republican Party kept their majority in November, clearing a way for them to potentially pass this damaging piece of legislation.

As members of IBEW 104, we cannot stress the importance of this vote and how vital to our livelihood it is for New Hampshire to not become a So-Called “Right-to-Work” state.

While we are doing what we can to defeat HB-520, we need your help.

Local 104 encourages all of our New Hampshire members to contact your Representative as soon as possible and let it be known you do not support the So-Called “Right-to-Work” bill. If you do not know who your Representative is, you are able to find it through this link and select your town, district or county.

The New Hampshire House has rejected So-Called “Right-to-Work” bills 34 times in the past 38 years. Help us make it 35 times by contacting your Representative prior to Feb. 16.

New Hampshire Supreme Court rules to allow burying of power lines

New Hampshire’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Northern Pass project, allowing hydro-electric power to run from Canada to New Hampshire to the grid supplying New England.

The total project would run almost 200 miles from Pittsburg to Deerfield, bringing down about 1,000 megawatts of electricity and supplying enough power to the area to support an estimated one million homes.

With a recent New Hampshire Supreme Court ruling, the power lines are able to be buried under the North County highway, including Coos County.

The area in dispute is located on Route 3 in Clarksville, on land owned by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled on the lawsuit brought about by the Forest Society, who sued Eversource claiming they did not have the right to bury the powerline on Forest Society property.

The state’s highest court upheld a lower court’s ruling, allowing the project to proceed.

New Hampshire law allows utility projects to use highway corridors, and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests disputed the Northern Pass project as different from previously allowed utility projects.

“We conclude that use of the Route 3 right-of-way for the installation of an underground high voltage direct current electrical transmission line, with associated facilities, falls squarely within the scope of the public highway easement as a matter of law,” said the New Hampshire Supreme Court order, signed by three justices.

The Northern Pass is expected to have final approval by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee by fall of 2017.

IBEW 104 hosts Holiday Social

Thank you to the members, active and retired, who attended our holiday parties and the annual awarding of Service Pins for milestone years of service and awarding Journeyman completing their apprenticeship at the end of 2016.

Again, this year, IBEW 104 collected toys for the Toys for Tots campaign. Toys for Tots is a Foundation started by the US Marine Corps in 1995 to provide toys to children who would not otherwise receive them for Christmas. Over its life span, the Marine Toys for Tots Program distributed over 512 million toys to over 237 million less fortunate children and the IBEW is proud to be a part of it.

Our effort this year was another huge success. By our estimation, we have doubled our contributions from 2015. We want to thank every member who participated and give a big thank you to Brother Moyes for volunteering his beautifully decorated home as an additional drop-off location.

Click here to see all of the pictures in our Facebook album.

2016 was a great year for IBEW Local 104 and with the help from all of you, 2017 will be even better.

Again, this year, IBEW 104 collected for the Toys for Tots campaign.

Again, this year, IBEW 104 collected for the Toys for Tots campaign.


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