UNION Benefits – There are No Better

Union workers are more likely than their nonunion counterparts to receive higher wages and benefits such as health care and pensions.
U.S. Department of Labor

Compensation that’s second to none


IBEW Local 104 outside linemen earn some of the very best pay in the industry – because we have a signed contract with area employers that allows our members to receive these wages.

The agreement also makes stipulations for 8-hour scheduled workdays; overtime pay at the rate of time-and-a-half; double-time pay for work performed over 16 straight hours and on Sundays and holidays; second shift 8-hour pay at 7-1/2 hours worked plus 10%; third shift 8-hour pay at 7 hours worked plus 15%; and weekly pay days.


IBEW Local 104 negotiates health care benefits for members and their families – benefits that are provided entirely by the union employer with no payroll deductions for members.

Our members can receive comprehensive family coverage, including:

  • Major Medical Coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug
  • Well Baby Care
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Death Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

IBEW Local 104 provides its outside linemen with pensions, so they receive benefits through their entire lives through two separate pensions: the National Electrical Benefit Fund and the IBEW International Pension.

Local 104 members collect both pensions, an annuity and social security when they retire!

Annuity Programs

IBEW Local 104 members are provided with a Severance and Annuity Fund, a “defined contribution” pension plan into which union employers contribute to individual accounts set up for retirement.

Joining Local 104 is the only way to go. You’ve got your health benefits, you’ve got your income and you make a good living.
Gerald Seaman, Journeyman Lineman

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