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Union workers, on average, make 27% more per week than nonunion workers…

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why is Union Membership Better?

Collective Bargaining
I.B.E.W. Local 104 has assurances in place, gained through collective bargaining with our employers, to make certain that our members enjoy fulfilling lives, rewarding careers and stable retirements. In fact, union workers like the linemen of Local 104 have greater job stability than their non-union counterparts in large part because they are more satisfied with their jobs because they receive better pay, have better benefits and have access to fair grievance procedures.

Our collective bargaining agreements also help protect our members from unjust discharge. Management must have “just cause” for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee.

Top-of-the Line Training
All union apprentices and journeyman outside linemen receive
the best skills, upgrade and safety training available through the
state-of-the-art Northeastern Apprenticeship and Training
Program (NEAT) – at no cost to members!

To learn more, visit our Training page.

They provide me with a great income. They provide me with great backing if there is an issue on the job. They make sure I get a tremendous amount of pay and a great pension. What’s not good about being a member of 104?

Judy McAndrew, Journeyman Lineman

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