For the Good of the Industry!
And for the Good of the Union!

The officers, staff and membership of IBEW Local Union 104 must work diligently to organize all workers and contractors within our jurisdiction who are engaged in the outside electrical industry.

In doing so, it is essential that we explain to the unorganized workforce that the IBEW is committed to providing safe workplaces, fair wages and health and pension benefits to its skilled workforce while also promoting cooperation and trust between labor and management.

Union membership is an undeniable right of every worker – so we must strive to inform and educate non-union linemen about the many benefits that are associated with membership. We must also do our best to reach out and assist these workers in their quest for union membership.

Labor-Management harmony is an essential benefit to the union – so we must endeavor to organize every contractor, every municipal light company and every utility available within the Local 104 jurisdiction that is engaged in all facets of the outside electrical industry. By doing so, we help ensure there will be a reliable source of employment opportunities for our membership.

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