New Hampshire House Votes No for Right to Work Bill

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State House Representatives voted down efforts to make New Hampshire a So-Called “Right to Work” state.

In January, the Senate passed its version of a So-Called “Right to Work” bill, SB-11, leaving the fate of this anti-worker legislation in the hands of House members.
Several weeks after the Senate vote, the House of Representatives Labor, Industrial Rehabilitative Services Committee voted against recommending passage of their version of the bill, HB-520, on Feb. 8 with a 14-7 vote.

On Feb. 16, HB-520 was brought to a vote before the full New Hampshire House of Representatives and legislators soundly defeated the bill 200-177, as 32 Republicans sided with the Democratic caucus in this voting.

House members also voted 193-184 to indefinitely postpone further action on this issue during this legislative session, except for a House sponsored Right to Work bill.
“Republicans and Democrats in the State House stood together and made clear that this issue is above partisan politics,” said Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley to

“Thousands of working families made their voices known throughout this process and our politicians heard them loud and clear,” Buckley said.

Thank you to our Brothers and Sisters, friends, family and supporters who reached out to their Representatives to make their voices heard.

We consider this a victory, but only for now.

We do anticipate that a So-Called “Right-to-Work” bill will reappear in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives and in the New Hampshire Senate in the next legislative session.

As voting American union members, it is our duty to vote for politicians who represent our values and beliefs.

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